Your idea is our job.

We are Exemplum

Exemplum is a team of young and ambitious programmers from Croatia. Learning new things and getting better in those we already know are our main goals. Finding the best and the fastest solution for Your needs is our job!

Technologies What we do

We create and maintain fully responsive websites customized by Your needs, mobile applications for business users and maintain Your websites that are already up on internet. We mentioned webshops, do You want custom solution or maybe Ecommerce variant. Besides all that, there is a possibility for web hosting and instalation of all kind of software to Your computer (Windows, antivirus software, drivers etc.)

Contact usLike our slogan says, Your idea is our job, so feel free to contact us!

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ServicesWhat we do


Static and dynamic, fully responsive websites, creating business mail accounts for Your company.

Mobile applications

Customized to business and private users.


Webshops for promoting and selling Your products on web.


If You need domain or hosting for website, You are on right spot.

Software instalation

Windows, Office, antivirus software, driver instalation etc.


SEO optimization, discussion about possible solutions, blog implementation.